Guest: Charles Lavoie

How Creative Drives Impact In APAC (Part 1)

November 2, 2022

Episode Notes

In this episode of The Negotiation, we welcome back Charles Lavoie to talk about creativity and its role in APAC marketing. Charles is the VP of Creative & Head of Creative Labs at WPIC Marketing & Technologies.

Over the course of the conversation, Charles shares insights on how technology is transforming the creative space in APAC and illuminates why it is critical for brands to lean into creative marketing if they hope to drive growth in the region. He talks about how brands and marketers can harness the significant evolutions in digital platforms and digital commerce in Asia today to improve their creativity, marketing and, ultimately, sales performance. In particular, he gives pointers that help brands learn how to leverage social media and social commerce on platforms like Douyin for product discovery, brand affinity and awareness, and conversions.


Topics Discussed and Key Points:

  • Charle’s background.
  • The importance of creativity in APAC for all brands.
  • The democratization of content creation.
  • How technology is transforming the creative environment in the APAC region.
  • Social commerce strategy and best practices.
  • The adoption of e-commerce live streams globally.
  • Gamification of the purchasing experience.
  • Between traditional and social commerce, which is stronger?
  • Consumer product discovery shifts.