We helped a travel and accessories brand refresh its e-commerce store on Tmall in China.

The client

Started by a team of product designers in Bells Beach in 2009, Bellroy is an Australian accessories brand, specializing in leather goods like wallets, bags, phone cases, and more.

The challenge

Bellroy had been active in the Chinese market for several years, partnering with a local distributor that purchased select items in Bellroy’s inventory, and then re-sold them on Tmall.

The brand, however, was not happy with the results they were seeing in the market. While sales at the beginning of the market entry was relatively strong, the growth that they expected in the market was not taking place.

Not only was the distributor only purchasing certain elements of the Bellroy catalogue (those that had the highest margins), but customer feedback for the store was not particularly positive. As a result, the brand in the market was suffering.

To remedy the situation, Bellroy approached WPIC in search of support inside the Greater China market.

Our solutions

WPIC began working on this project in Spring of 2020. The teams knew that major events like the 5/20 shopping festival and the 2020 6/18 shopping festival were on the horizon, representing large revenue opportunities for Bellroy.

If the store could not be operational in time for the 5/20 festival, the teams at Tmall headquarters needed to know that Bellroy was working with trusted, experienced partners, in order to ensure that the brand would get approved for the official 6/18 sale.

Rather than change certain elements of the Tmall store around the margins, the teams decided that a brand new store and web presence needed to be built from the ground up.

To start, WPIC’s data division began researching the leather and carry goods markets to identify key market and competitor insights.

The data team was able to identify which products would resonate most with Bellroy’s future customers to ensure that only profitable SKUs were being sent into the market. At the same time as the data team pulled market intelligence and competitor insights, WPIC’s e-commerce and design teams began to build the Tmall storefront.

Bellroy case study

To kick off the process, the teams began building the wireframes and mock-ups for the store. This was done in full consultation with several representatives of the client’s team, to ensure that the essence of the Bellroy brand was correctly communicated into the market. At the same time, WPIC’s design team was able to lean on the insights uncovered by the data team to ensure that all aesthetic and design decisions were supported by relevant data about consumer behaviour in the PRC.

Once mock-ups were approved, production files were handed off to WPIC’s operations team. The process continued with all marketing being created, optimized, and localized for the market.

WPIC’s logistics team ensures that product is moved in and out of the market correctly, in advance of the store launch. For Bellroy, WPIC partnered with Cainiao, Alibaba’s logistics arm, to warehouse products inside the PRC and deliver them into the hands of customers.


Thanks to WPIC’s full refresh of Bellroy’s Tmall store, the brand’s online presence across Greater China has improved significantly, driven by both revenue growth and positive customer feedback.

In addition, the store has been fully live and operational in advance of the major 2020 6/18 promotional festival, and has been approved to participate in the website’s official sale.

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