Year In Review

The Greatest Hits Of 2022 (Part 1)

December 14, 2022

Episode Notes

We have been busy the last two weeks putting together our final show, the star on the top of this podcast’s tree, wrapping our final gifts to you our audience. It’s been another fantastic year for us, filled with incredible guests and amazing conversations.

One of the most exciting changes this year is a move to a broader discussion to include geographies outside China and explore the ins and outs of the markets and consumers across South East Asia. We are so incredibly grateful to you, our listeners, for continuing to enjoy our show and giving us the feedback we need to continue to deliver guests and content that matter to you. It’s truly our pleasure to be able to put this together week in and week out for you all to enjoy.

We also want to thank all our amazing guests this past year who provide expert commentary and insights; it is their lifetime of hard work and expertise that we are leveraging and we know it.

So, with that in mind, we bring you Part 1 of our 2022 Year in Review! We’re hitting the rewind button to take a look back at some of our favourite moments from this past year, and if you like what you hear feel free to jump directly to the full episode to hear it in its entirety. Be sure to tune in next week for part 2!


The 2022 guests featured in this episode are:

  1. Patrick Deloy, EP 146 & EP 147
  2. Liam Mather, EP134
  3. William Bao Bean, EP 152 & EP 153

  4. Zarina Kanji, EP 133

  5. Alvin Wang Graylin, EP 125

  6. Charles Lavoie, EP 154 & EP 156