The Negotiation Igor Duc EP 164
Guest: Igor Duc

Convincing Consumers To Invest In Their Tech Accessories (Part 1)

January 25, 2023

Episode Notes

This episode of The Negotiation features part 1 of our conversation with Igor Duc.

Igor is the Founder & CEO of Native Union, a consumer electronics accessories company that combines the finest hand-picked materials, thoughtful design, and considerate details to create products with personality, empowering the modern lifestyle.

In today’s episode, we caught up with Igor to learn more about why he chose to base his business in Hong Kong, the impetus behind Native Union, and his goal to enhance the way we live with technology. We also explore the consciousness of consumers today, how it has developed over the years, brand legitimacy, and other engaging topics.


Topics Discussed and Key Points:

●      Why Igor created a brand in Hong Kong
●      The story of Native Union’s conception
●      Dealing with counterfeit products
●      Why Native Union almost died 
●      How to deal with trademark and copyright infringement issues for new brands entering Asia and the APAC region 
●      The consciousness of consumers today