Trek Bikes

We helped a bicycle manufacturer expand into the Chinese market.

Trek Bikes case study

The client

Headquartered in Wisconsin, USA, Trek Bikes manufactures high-end bicycles and related gear.

Trek had no marketing or digital activity in China and depended on a handful of brick-and-mortar stores and third-party distributors to service its Chinese customers.

The challenge

The Trek team approached WPIC Marketing + Technologies with the dual challenge of building a Tmall store to gain a stronghold in the Chinese marketplace and integrating it with its global Hybris ERP system.

Trek’s Global ERP Hybris system required integration with Tmall in order for successful execution. Trek’s unique O2O system and proprietary ERP framework combined with geographic and firewall considerations presented numerous challenges for WPIC to overcome.

Our solutions

WPIC established an O2O system to support online ordering and in-store pick-up. In order to integrate with the Global Hybris ERP system, interference from the firewall made it necessary to host a duplicated database locally. This is turn posed configuration challenges related to the DNS, firewall setting, and other connectivity factors, as well as issues writing in both databases in real-time in a way that controlled the timing and synchronization of transactions.


WPIC built the IT architecture designed to integrate Tmall transactions with Trek’s Hybris ERP system. The localization of over 600 SKUs was achieved by the proposed launch date.

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